It is also known as “Twenty-one” and is one of the most popular casino card games, preceded by poker. Despite being a very lucrative game, the rules of Blackjack are very simple but require great strategies and skills to win, being strongly influenced by the odds. To be a blackjack expert, it is necessary to know the following aspects:

Start of the game: The package

In this strategic game, there is a package consisting of 52 cards in a standard measure. The most popular of the variants of blackjack is that it comprises 6 decks for a total of 312 cards, the dealer or distributor has a white deck which is not repeated, it is placed in the bottom of the package and its only function is indicate the time when the cards should be re-shuffled. In cases where more than 4 decks are used, then the decks are dealt from a shoe, (a way of distributing the cards one by one with the face down, so as not to hold all the packages in the hand).

Purpose of the game

Blackjack focuses on obtaining the highest possible value, but without exceeding the number of 21 where the dealer must be won.

Values ​​of the cards

Any card has a pip value; however, the value can vary with a 1 or 11, while the face cards are 10.

The bets

At the start of each game, all players make an initial bet represented in chips in the corresponding place; the values ​​have a general range between $2 and $500. However, during the moves, all the minimum and maximum limits of the bets are agreed.

The cut and the mesh

The dealt is responsible for shuffling all the cards until they are completely mixed in small portions of the package. Also responsible for holding one of the players to “cut”, this involves inserting a plastic card in the deck in order to limit the use of the last 60 or 75 decks.

The treatment of the game

The deal is that the dealer gives each player a face-up card to each player and also takes one for himself, clockwise after all the participants have made their respective bets. There is a second round of card dealing, but in this case, the dealer takes the second deck face down, so all participants have two cards face up, while the dealer has one face up and one face down.

The Natural play

The main objective is to achieve a value of 21, this is achieved if the first two cards of a participant include an ace and ten cards, and this is what is considered a “blackjack or natural”. A player who gets this combination automatically wins the bet as long as there is no other participant in the table with the same combination. In case there are two players with a natural (a dealer and a participant), it is considered a tie and the player must withdraw his chips.

In other conditions, in case the dealer has an ace or a ten-card, in his face-up card, he should check if the value of his face-down card completes the natural combination. However, if it happens the other way around, when your face-up card does not meet the two conditions, you will not have to check your card face down until it’s your turn to play again.

The blackjack game

The game starts from the left participant, who decides whether to “hit”, ask for another card to try to reach the limit number or “stop” not to ask for more cards. This participant is the one who has the opportunity to choose to stay with the 2 cards that were awarded at the beginning or can ask for more decks, as many times as necessary until reaching the highest possible value without exceeding the number 21. In case of exceeding this value, automatically loses and the dealer will be responsible for collecting your money bet, from then, it begins with a new game with the next player on the left where this process is repeated.

The play safe

It is a condition based on the dealer, if your face-up card is an ace, any participant can make a second bet with a value limit of half of his previous bet, when his face-down card completes a natural play, after that the participants have placed their bets on the side and the dealer’s face down card is ten, is considered as “activated” and all players who have made a second insurance bet, win, they receive an average double payment of his original bet comprising 2 to 1.

The basic strategy of blackjack

Blackjack requires great skill and strategy to win, among many tactics, it can be said that the most elaborate is that each player tries that each hand is the most practical, always taking into account the card face up of the dealer. If this letter includes an ace or values ​​such as 7, 8, 9 and 10, it is recommended that the participant does not stop drawing until achieving a total of at least 17. However, in case the dealer’s face-up card has values ​​lower than 6; the player must procure a minimum value of 12.

Another form of strategy is to double, is to get a total value of 11 to then double the number with a total of 10, to achieve the natural play or blackjack. Only applies when the dealer does not show an ace or a ten. The player is recommended to double if his card is nine, as long as the dealer has cards with values ​​lower than 6.