Sometimes opinions of others affect our life so badly, and I am going to share my experience on an opinion given to play a game. Online gaming came to my life just 5 year ago when I was a college guy. It was my summer vacations so I decided to enjoy those vacations at my aunt’s home in Bali (Indonesia). Aunt’s daughter Helena is my good friend and that is why I used to spend my almost time with her. She once asked me to play pokie games, and when I refused to play she became surprised and asked me again that casinos in Australia are so usual then why I hadn’t tried yet.

I remain silent but I was thinking to break that record so I decided to play online gaming, I asked her about some cool games and she suggested me to play on Gold Factory because it was an event about which she knew better than any other one. She knew about some cheats of this one which could help me to secure some prizes.Without wasting my time I opened a reliable online casino website and found out that slot machine.

In starting I played with free spins so that I could learn some strategies for playing with real money. I lost my first spin which was not a good experience of mine. I stopped playing that for a while. Helena started to give me some advises and tips, and soon I came back to the game and you won’t believe, I won remaining 9 spins. That experience injected confidence in me so I started betting without thinking so much about any risk. While betting I won 60 percent of spins and lost remaining 40 percent. I must suggest to everyone to play pokies like that without thinking so much about any risk.