Many people who like to play slot machines have no idea how they work, although they are one of the most popular casino games throughout the history of gambling, most do not understand how they work and his system.

While most have a misunderstanding of how they work, others who do take advantage of the ignorance of these amateur gambling players. In this article, some legends about these slot machines are mentioned, and many people think about these people who have more knowledge.

How slot machines really work?The main objective of this article is to make a detailed description of the operation of the slot machines. According to the level of understanding that each player has of how the slot machines really work, he will be more or less attracted to these popular casino games; of course, it is depending on his preferences in the games and his abilities.

The real functioning of the slot machines are very lucrative for the casinos, although they are the most attractive games for the players for their ease and fun, in fact, it is the casinos that make great profits. Here we explain several of the reasons why this usually happens.

Have the online slot machines or online pokies been manipulated? If it really were then it is almost certain that all would be closed, line players generally have this fear, and experts always recommend VSO accredited casinos.

These slot games are constantly supervised by the main gaming jurisdictions of Gibraltar, United Kingdom, and Malta, their main goal is that the games are given in a fair, safe way and that each player who bets has the same percentage of chances of winning.

Who decides how much to charge a player the return of the player (RTP), a player will receive according to the percentage that decides the slot, that is if it gives a profit margin of 95% and player bets $100 then the RTP is of $95. Everything is properly controlled and supervised to ensure the safety and confidence of the player.

Experts only expect players to make the wisest decisions before playing online. It is better than amateur and inexperienced players follow the recommendations shown here so you do not have a bad experience with a manipulated slot.

The slot machines are designed so that the numbers come out randomly, in the same way, the oldest slot machines were mechanical, but the numbers also came out randomly, that is, the slot machines selected as roulette or a deck of cards, if all these games give results randomly, including dice. But today technology has replaced machines with computers that also give the results randomly.

It is important that players know that these results are indeed random; the results are not cyclically, and this does not allow the grand prizes to be owed to the players, likewise the machines do not have temperaments attributed as the fact that they warm or cool, although for some players it seems that yes, but only in retrospective appearance.

Without a doubt, the results of the slot machines cannot be predicted, it is the same in comparison to the dice or the roulette, and it is not known what the results will be with certainty.

All experienced casino players know that casinos always have the advantage over the player, that’s a fact. They are experts using mathematical calculations with large numbers to put advantage over the players. In each bet, the player receives less than he really is likely to win.

To give an example of how the casino takes advantage, in roulette the player has a probability of 37 to 1, but really the number will only have a probability of 35 to 1. Here it is clearly demonstrated how the casino obtains its advantage. Similarly, slots also have a certain number of probability that a player wins. The reels with which they possess these machines vary in numbers from one machine to another, some have only 3 and others 5, each reel has symbols and images, and aligning certain combinations of symbols will represent an amount of money for the player, the more symbols are align and the lower your likelihood of this happening, the greater the profit.

Previously these reels were designed as metal hoops, but with the technological advancements, they were replaced by computers, which now only show the symbols on a video screen, even the machines that still have the real reel work through the computerized mechanism.

The reels stop at their respective “stops”, which may well be in a blank space, in one of the symbols, or the space between them.

With computerized machines the coincidence between symbols is more complex than with the old slot machines, for example, any of the symbols, be it a cherry, has a probability of appearing only once in every 50 spins, on the contrary, any other Fruit could appear once every 5 turns, can many combinations and that is why it is very complicated.

Slot machines have evolved and are becoming more technologically attractive but their level of complexity has increased, the oldest slots had an average of 10 stops per reel, but now it is no longer strange that each machine has stopped of 20 and up 50 stops per reels.

The good thing is that this favors the growth of the boat, the more stop the slot has, the more the casino can offer a big jackpot.

The chances of winning are greater with many combinations, if you have 10 stops on each reel, you will have chances of landing at each of the stops, you can win with combinations of 1/10 x 1/10 x 1/10 or maybe 1 / 1000, in this case when you have payments over 1000 units you are sure to be losing money in the game.

But in this case, the computers can adjust the weights by means of the weights. With the use of technology, slot machines can determine the probabilities of choosing a stop thanks to the weighting.

To explain in better detail an example is given below: assuming that you are playing on a slot machine with 10 symbols, but it happens that at least one of these symbols will appear only once for every 100 spins that occur, then the odds they would be only 1/100 x 1/100 x 1 / 100º or will be 1/1000000, these probabilities determine that the player who is right will be able to receive a payment of $1 million.

It is evident that although the machines give random results, taking mathematical calculations, the odds will always give favorable results to the casinos, although the choice of machines and skills of the player can play in his favor.